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Host families

Shelters being overcrowded, they often look for families to temporarily take in dogs and cats that do not adapt to community life or have specific needs. This is the case for injured animals that need veterinary care or even puppies or kittens that need to be bottle-fed (also called “nursing”). Finally, some animals do not support life in a shelter, which can be traumatic for dogs and cats who have always known family life, are not sociable or have heavy liabilities. You will understand, your role is essential for them!

This custody is temporary, until the animal is adoptable. In the case of an animal withdrawn from its master for mistreatment, it will have to wait in a foster family until the courts definitively confiscate it after a trial. On the other hand, an adoptive family decides, as its name suggests, to adopt an animal permanently. However, if the foster family wishes to adopt the dog or cat they were keeping, this will be possible when the animal is officially adoptable.

To become a host family contact us ,  we will let you know if they have special needs.

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