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The members of the MACFI association, the angels of Spain, are all animal defenders. Even if you only find dogs and cats on our site, our fights for the defense and protection of animals are very varied. We are committed to the dignity of all animals and we fight against all forms of cruelty to which animals are exposed: bullfighting, bullfighting, hunting, animal experimentation for example.

But it is clear that one of our most visible fights is the fight against the abandonment and torture of dogs and cats in Spain. The situation is dramatic and the fight endless, but we believe that every adoption and every contribution counts! It may be just a drop in the ocean, it's not going to change the world, but it is certain that the slightest gesture, each adoption fundamentally changes the life of an animal and that is well there the main thing!

Our goal is not only to offer a new home to abandoned animals, and thus make them finally know a life full of sweetness and love, but also and above all to support all these wonderful, incredible people, who give themselves body and souls to save these animals!

We regularly go down to Spain with equipment and donations… which is possible thanks to the generosity of our members, without whom we could not help our partner shelters. These trips also allow us to meet our proteges, to get to know them, to discover newcomers.

Thanks to this, we will be able to better guide you in the choice of your new companion, so that you find exactly YOUR new angel.





Administrative manager



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Honorary member

Adopting an animal contributes to our physical and mental well-being. Are you about to take the leap?


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