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Adoption procedure

1) Please make contact, by email,  . Introduce yourself in a few lines, (family, professional and residential situation) without forgetting to give us your telephone number so that we can reach you.

2) Following this telephone contact and after acceptance of your request, you will be able to download our “application form for adoption” (FDA) in the format  pdf  and send it by email to the addresses below.

The adoption application form and annexes should be sent by email to:

Upon receipt of the adoption form and supporting documents, we will quickly contact you and arrange an appointment for the pre-visit at your home.

The MACFI association entrusts you with this dog after signing the contract and against adoption costs. As long as the contract is respected, the dog belongs to you, but for any change in the dog's life, the association must be notified and its agreement obtained.

From 01.01.2021 due to the increase in the price of transport, we were forced to increase the amount of the adoption costs. You should know that dogs travel in optimal conditions of safety and comfort under the responsibility of two professional drivers approved for the transport of dogs and cats.

The contribution for adoption is CHF 550.- for adult dogs and CHF 500.- for puppies.  These costs cover veterinary costs (vaccines, deworming, microchip and control before the trip) as well as  than transportation costs.

The sum is to be paid into the CCP account of the association 10 days before the arrival of the animal (CCP No 14-156830-5)

This amount will not be refunded in the event of the return of the dog, whatever the reason .

The VAT of  7.7%  CHF 42.35 (for a  adult dog) and CHF 38.50 (for a puppy) must be paid when the dog passes through customs.

The dogs are sterilized and neutered before their arrival. However, if it is a puppy, its sterilization or castration is compulsory at the required age. It is supported by the adopter.
Adopted dogs are equipped with an electronic chip, a European passport and are vaccinated against diseases and rabies. A sheet of Mediterranean disease screening analyzes will be given to you with the dog's documents.

Read before planning an adoption

An animal is not a toy and does not necessarily stand still. He can do damage, especially if he is young. It may scratch or bite furniture, doors or your shoes. He can knock over and break things. Chances are it won't be potty trained right away, even for an adult dog, as it may have never lived anywhere but in a crate. He may find the bed comfortable, even to relieve himself.

You should also know that it is vital for a dog to go out and meet other dogs. It should be an integral part of the family and should never be left at the bottom of the garden.

A puppy grows into an adult. The dog will then need more space and will eat larger quantities. You have to plan for it in your budget.

It will be necessary to find a solution of care for his animal in the event of departure on vacation or during a prolonged absence.

After a divorce, or during a move, we are responsible for our children and we must also be responsible for our animal. If a house with a beautiful garden becomes a small apartment of 40 m2, this is no reason to abandon your cat or your dog. He won't be unhappy and he'll adapt as long as he has YOU.

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to the love your pet will have for you. But, we unfortunately find that this may be enough for some people to give it up. We must, out of respect for the animals and to fight against abandonment, to remind you of this as often as possible before adoption.

We are at your disposal to answer your questions and guide you so that the adoption of an animal happens in the best conditions for him and for you.


Adopting an animal contributes to our physical and mental well-being. Are you about to take the leap?


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